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Since I am updating news today…. I am now a registered Disney Travel Agent with! I have completed my training and passed my test with the College of Disney Knowledge so please send any and all requests for travel with Disney (any destinations) or any other cruiselines, Sandals, and Beaches to!!

Come Meet Maybelle!

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Since I was posting on I thought I would also post on my mom’s pet chicken, Maybelle. She wears two bracelets so we know which one she is and won’t sell her accidentally. My mom has to check the chicken house every night before we close the door to make sure Maybelle is safe and sound!!

Visit Us at the Farm!

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Nathan and I are now living on a farm! We have close to 700 chickens and we are selling farm fresh free range eggs and live chickens! We also have 4 Kune Kune pigs, 4 dogs, and 1 cat! You can find our farm website at


Missing Pictures

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I have found that I am taking more pictures with my phone lately because I can instantly post them to Facebook. Yesterday I decided to clean out my phone and emailed a bunch of pictures to myself that I wanted to post here. Something happened in cyber space and they never landed in my email and I was stupid to delete them after I emailed them thinking they would be safe on my computer. Guess that is a lesson learned.

It appears that we have managed another successful conference this year. Everyone enjoyed themselves. They liked the hotel, the food, and the employees. Now to start the planning for 2013!

Don’t Expect Much

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I cannot believe how hectic life has become. We are in full-blown soccer parent mode. Work has been busy for both Nathan and I so we haven’t been able to take the kids to the parks as much as we have wanted to. Sundays we go to church and then Samantha has CCD classes until 8:00, Monday the boys have CCD classes until 8:00, Tuesday the boys have Cub Scouts, and Wednesday all 3 kids are taking ballroom dance classes an hour away from where we live. Right now I am sitting at our annual CV3 Conference that is being held this year in Orlando, FL. Since I do not have any school to teach I may actually get some updates in.

We ended up having another CV3 meeting at the house. This time had 10 people. The kids lost their beds. 2 slept on the futon, 1 slept with grandma. While the employees were here we went out for the night for a Pirate Dinner. Here is a picture of all of us with the pirate captain and his wench…

After that adventure we had a few educational outings including a tour of one of Disney’s fire stations. Here are the kids posing with the dalmation statue….

The firemen set up a burning house display for the kids to put out with the hose and each child was able to take a turn spraying the hose. Here is Timmy…

Here is Josh…

and here is Samantha…

Next in our adventure this fall/winter was a trip to Disney for one of the Not So Scary Halloween Parties. We didn’t go on the actual Holloween night because we wanted the kids to be able to trick or treat at the neighborhood this year. Here is a picture of the kids posing with Belle…

And here are the kids and grandma posing with Aurora…

We were also carrying a Flat Stanley with us for one of Nathan’s employees so here is Timmy with the Flat Stanley on the Jungle Cruise…

Anyways…. we have had a lot of fun this Fall/Winter and are enjoying the new house. We ARE missing the neighbors at camp although we have entertained many of them at the house this year. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas tables were graced with family and camping friends. The kids had a BIG Christmas this year with a tree and lots of presents because they haven’t had that for the last 4 years. Timmy and Josh both celebrated their birthdays in Florida this year and both are excelling in Cub Scouts. They both have earned their Light of Christ Award and Josh has been awarded his Tiger patch. Timmy is being awarded his Wolf patch this month. Samantha is loving dance and they have their first BEGINNING competition this May. Our plans right now are to head up to camp around Memorial Day and we will return to the house near Labor Day. It is cutting the camping season short but the kids want to be back in time for CCD classes to start next year so they aren’t the “new kids”. I think Samantha will also want to get back to dance. I will see if I can edit some more pictures while at the conference tomorrow so I can put a few more updates on our adventures.

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