National Health Care Agreement

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Bilateral Agreements on Minimum Commonwealth Funding for Hospital Public Services As part of the new financial agreements concluded by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in November 2008 the number of payments to states and territories for allocation payments (PSPs) has been significantly streamlined, reducing the number of such payments from more than ninety to five: health, schools, skills and workforce development, disability services and affordable housing. The National Healthcare Agreement is one of the national agreements between the Commonwealth, states and territories. Agreement healthcare_national.pdf From 1 July 2020, J – Addendum to the National Agreement on Health Reform: Revised public funding for hospitals and health system reform come into force. [PDF 2.71MB | DOCX 182KB] The purpose of the agreement is: “Through this agreement, the parties are committed to improving health outcomes for all Australians and ensuring the sustainability of the Australian health care system” (paragraph 12). Permanent Council on Federal Financial Relations, 2012. Canberra. National Healthcare Agreement 2012. On May 1, 2019, COAG approved the National Health Reform Agreement [PDF 1.10MB] in August 2011, which establishes the joint intention of Commonwealth, state and territorial governments to work in partnership to improve health outcomes for all Australians and ensure the sustainability of Australia`s health care system. It also refers to the NHCA`s Schedule B, which sets out the trade rules that guide the provision of public hospital services such as patient choice (including patient choice and eligibility), public fees for patients, fees for patients other than public patients, cross-border adaptations and the public patient charter. A number of public hospitals and public health services refer to the Australian health agreement.

It is recommended that the rules (including statutes) be reviewed in light of the introduction of the NHCA. Any subsequent changes or amendments to these rules or charters must be approved in writing by the Secretary of the Department of Human Services, in accordance with the Health Services Act 1988. Any request for rules or statutes or requests to the Secretary to approve amendments should be directed to the Policy Instruments and Compliance Unit, Telephone (03) 9096 2164 Public Hospitals and Public Health Services to ensure that all affected staff understand and comply with Medicare principles and related sections of the NHCA, which can be downloaded through the Australian Health Agreement between the Commonwealth and the Victoria State website.

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