Temple University Transfer Agreements

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GenEd Transfer Principles (for more information on program details, see www.temple.edu/vpus/): Dual admission agreements allow students to go to the temple conditionally, while enrolled at a partner community college, and offer the possibility of Temple Merit Scholarships for eligible students. To qualify for dual admissions, students must enroll in the dual admission program at the partner institution before completing 30 university credits, including credits from all previously attended colleges. A list of dual admission conventions can be found under www.temple.edu/vpus/transfer/agreements.html. Students may need to complete one or more of these processes. The whole process can only take a few days until the entire semester, depending on the complexity of each student`s situation. Factors that may affect the reassessment process are: the student`s main subject, the change of main subject, the addition of a certificate or secondary subject, the lack of information, the incomplete student record and the transfer institution. In order to promote and facilitate the admission of other colleges to Temple University, Temple has entered into articulation agreements with several colleges and institutions. There are three types of institutional arrangements at the institution: dual admission agreements, GenEd-to-GenEd transfer agreements, and program-to-program agreements. In general, Temple accepts college-level university courses that go beyond the level of development and have been supplemented by a “C” grade or rather by institutionally accredited schools. University-level studies carried out in an institution that is not accredited by an institutional accreditation agency are checked for course equivalencies. Exceptions may be considered in the appeal procedure. Temple also grants limited academic credits for past academic, professional, military, and/or other experiences, which were not acquired in a traditional university/university classroom. Grades are not awarded for the transmission of credits and therefore the credits awarded have no influence on a student`s average at Temple.

GenEd-to-GenEd, 45+ GenEd and IB GenEd students still need to complete the required number of credits to earn their bachelor`s degree using transfer courses as well as closed credits at Temple…

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