Skoda Finance Agreement

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However, fees and charges may be charged, so we recommend that you contact your reseller for more information. In addition, you can replace your vehicle with a new vehicle at any time while improving your PCP financing contract upon request. One. As with all forms of lease purchase, the car is legally the property of Volkswagen Financial Services until the final payment under the PCP contract (although it is registered on you, the customer`s name). ŠKODA Financial Services buys the car on your behalf. You then pay an agreed tranche of 1 to 5 years. The car passes to your property at the end of the contract with the payment of a purchase rate. Finance your new Skoda with a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase). Payment is made each month directly from your bank account for a period usually agreed between two and four years. Your first deposit can be between 0 and 40% and your regular payments are much lower than buying a rental. You can also pay extra to include all your maintenance costs, and a one-time payment can be made for Gap insurance. At the end of the agreed period, you can either return your Skoda or, if you decide to keep it, you can pay the payment for the balloon, i.e. the guaranteed future value (GFV) indicated in the initial agreement.

Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland buys the car on your behalf, under the product of industry-leading PCP Volkswagen Financial Services. You choose a deposit percentage between 10% and 31%, depending on the type of car. Then you pay an agreed monthly payment over the agreed term of 37 months. Part of the value of the vehicle is deferred until the end of the contract (37th payment). . . .

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