Auction Agreement

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(1980) If an auction of land is auctioned, the seller or seller may obtain some performance of the contract in a cheap procedure. In certain circumstances, a particular benefit may be invoked in relation to the sale of personal property. In re Cole & Stevens Roofing Co., 134 B.R. 60 (Bankr. S.D. Fla. 1991). The UZK is silent about the transfer of losses at an auction. As a general rule, ownership of property is not relevant to determining which party bears the risk of loss. The essential element is the identity of the party controlling the goods.

The seller has the right to have the good delivered to him as soon as he has fulfilled the conditions of sale. At this stage, the refusal of delivery is considered a breach. Since the auction is subject to the Single Commercial Code, the auction is subject to the explicit and tacit guarantees of the CTCE. Bassford v.

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