Moving In

10:50 pm Florida, House

Life is hectic when you are trying to move. We drove back to Pennsylvania with my back out from moving boxes and it took the few weeks we were there to get my back to the point where I could drive back to Florida. It took two rounds of steroids to take down the swelling. Timmy had decided that he wanted to spend his birthday in Florida so we left a week earlier than planned.

We left Pennsylvania on Sunday morning at 5:00 am and I managed to drive the whole day and made it to my brother’s house by 4:30 pm in Atlanta. We had dinner with them and spent the night at their house and left after lunch on Monday. We made it to the house by 8:00 pm. Next time I am driving both days early in the morning because Monday seemed like a MUCH longer day.

Once home we went into overdrive putting things away because the next Monday I was going to have 5 CV3 employees at the house for 3 days as our first guests!! We managed to mostly pull it off. I was able to teach Samantha how to make cinnamon rolls as a trial run for the guests coming. This went great! I was using my beautiful marble rolling pin that was a wedding gift from my sister-in-law’s sister…. I left it on the counter and Joshua was playing with it. It dropped on the floor and broke in half and scratched Josh on the toe. He was crying and Timmy came upstairs to tell me that Joshua’s toe was broken and there was blood everywhere. In truth there wasn’t that much blood and it looked like he just got scratched with the broken edge and it didn’t actually fall on his foot. Thankfully for the real run of cinnamon rolls I have a backup wooden rolling pin! :)

Before the guests arrived we were able to have a few fun days. Friday was spent at Epcot with the Homeschooling group for a Not Back To School Day….  I took a picture with my phone and am trying to email it to myself so I can post it… We will see if I can figure that out. On Saturday it was Timmy’s 9th birthday and he wanted to try one of the waterparks. My mom doesn’t like waterparks so she stayed home with the dogs. Nathan and I spent the day at Blizzard Beach with the kids and we had a great time. To finish the day off Timmy wanted Japanese food so we had dinner at Benihana.

The guests all arrived on Monday and we managed to feed and house them for three days. All of the guests and Nathan left on Thursday and we are busy trying to put away the remaining boxes. I have also been busy making a headboard for our room. We spent so much on all of the other rooms that we ran out of money for our room. We have the room that Walmart built as Nathan says so I went to Home Depot and bought 3 doors and stained them to match our furniture and then bolted them all together. I will take some pictures of all of the finished rooms this week and post pictures.

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