Abracadabra…. 3 Guinea Pigs Become 6!!!

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Well… we bought the kids two Guinea Pigs for Christmas. Unfortunately, right before Christmas Dawn died and Twilight got sick. Because Twilight was still under warranty she went to the vet for Christmas weekend and then was on antibiotics for two weeks after. We waited until after Disney to purchase another Guinea Pig. At that point we decided to get 2 more so there was enough for everyone to pass around. So we picked out two new Guinea Pigs and named them Brownie and Oreo.

What we didn’t realize was that Brownie must have been pregnant when we bought her. We were a bit surprised when we came home from Chicago and this is what Brownie looked like…

This picture does not do her girth justice. The poor girl has looked ready to pop this week. I have been Googling all over trying to figure out when we would know it was time. Friday night I couldn’t sleep and I checked her every half hour and it looked like aliens were in her. You could watch the babies moving. Saturday morning came and I had some errands to run. I looked in on her and she looked like she was about to go into labor. I just knew it was going to happen in the next couple of hours but I left for my errands. While I was out Nathan called me to tell me that Samantha had just looked in and the babies had been born! Everyone missed the birth!! I knew I shouldn’t have left. Brownie had 3 beautiful babies… one is albino, one is tri-colored, and one is brown and black. We will keep one if there is a girl but I can’t tell what they are. My guess is that the brown/black one is a boy and the other two are girls. I am hoping I am wrong because I love the coloring of the brown/black. Here are a couple of pictures of them while they were hours old…

Everything I have read says I need to get any boys out by 3 weeks so we don’t have more babies. I am checking them but if there is any question we will take everyone to a vet in the next couple of weeks and make sure what gender they are. Hopefully Petco will take the other two that we do not keep. Otherwise I don’t know what we will do!!

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