Edisto River Canoe Trip

7:12 pm CommerceV3, South Carolina

Part of the CommerceV3 Camping Trip was a 4 hour canoe trip on the Edisto River. Here is a picture of everyone during orientation…

Here is a picture of Nathan removing canoes while Perry, Perry’s daughter Luna, and Patty’s daughter Jaden look on…

Another of Nathan removing canoes while Timmy is climbing on the hitch….

This is Danny with all of the kids (not sure why)….

Joshua trying out his seat…

Here is a picture of everyone…. from left to right standing is: Christina, Patty’s daughter Brianna, Patty, Danny, Sarai, Jerry, Megan, Huey, Perry, Michael, Bonnie, Samantha (in front of Bonnie), Shawn, Patti (my mom), Kristen, and Blake. From left to right sitting is: Penny Lane (dog), Katherine, Patty’s daughter Jaden (behind Katherine), Blake’s son Drew, Blake’s daughter Jax, Perry’s daughter Luna, Nathan, Josh (in front of Nathan), and Timmy.

Pictures from the river:

Here is Danny and Sarai…

From left to right: Blake and Drew, Shawn and Kristen, and Katherine and Jax…

From left to right: Huey and Megan, Christina and Patty (Patty’s girls are between Christina and Patty)..

And one last picture that is a view of the river from our canoe with my mom in the front….

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