Loveless Cafe

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Yummy!!! I just had a wonderful breakfast! One of Nathan’s customers is Loveless Cafe in Nashville, TN. We stayed the night in Nashville and went to the Loveless Cafe for breakfast this morning. The Loveless Cafe is home to “The Biscuit Lady,” Carol Fay. I watched her on Food Network doing a Throw Down with Bobby Flay.

We were greeted by two of the employees, Jesse and Colleen. They gave us some of the history of the restaurant and the business while we walked to the restaurant. Carol Fay was at the restaurant this morning seating people. She seated us and Colleen joined us for breakfast. There was soon a big plate of hot, fresh biscuits on the table with homemade preserves (blackberry, strawberry, and peach) as well as honey and sorghum. All of these are made on the premises. Since the cafe is known for its biscuits I ordered steak biscuits with hashbrown casserole. They were delicious!!! I could only eat half of my breakfast, so the other half will be my lunch!! :)

After breakfast we walked around the store. Josh took a liking to Colleen and we soon found him with her behind the counter at the store! :) He will keep us jumping while he is growing up. :) We are now on the road to Atlanta and we will be there for 16 days so I may not update everyday.


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From Colorado we drove to Iowa. We had already called a campground that we had sites at but when we called again they said they were covered in ice and we wouldn’t be able to get in. We located a campground in a small town named Albia. It was called Indian Hills and is part of a motel. It was quite nice. They gave you a coupon for two drinks per site and 10% off at the restaurant. So we went to their restuarant for dinner and with all of the coupons it was pretty inexpensive.

The next morning Nathan went to work at one of his customer’s offices, Sinclair Interational. While he worked, my mom and I went back to the restaurant for lunch and then I took the kids to the indoor pool and jacuzzi that is with the hotel. After swimming we used their shower room and everyone took showers and dressed in dry, warm clothes before heading back to the RV for some Wii Fit play time.

Client Visit Updates

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I have been bad and have left out a few customers that Nathan has visited lately. While we were in Reno Nathan visited two of his customers. The first company is Health Freedom Nutrition. They sell vitamins and supplements. The other company is Eco Light LED. They sell LED lights. Nathan is still trying to figure out how to replace our fluorescent bulbs with LEDs.

While we were in Desert Hot Springs Nathan drove to San Diego one of the days to meet with Jer’s Handmade Chocolates. And last but not least… while we were driving through Colorado we stopped at Paladin Press to show them the RV because we didn’t make it over to their office to show them the RV the last time we were in Colorado. Next to come… pictures from driving.

CommerceV3 Fall 2008 Camping Trip

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The camping trip was a lot of fun. It was held at George L Smith state park. Thursday was spent setting up camp and waiting for people to arrive. Friday was field day fun. Nathan came up with a bunch of routine field games. The winners of each event got an entry to be drawn for gift cards. Each employee who participated also got an entry. Here is a picture of Christina (in black), Nathan’s sister, and Anna in a blind race. Apparently they were lead into each other’s path by their callers.

The sack race was run with huge garbage bags in teams of 3. Here is a picture of the first group lined up to start. From left to right in garbage bags is Danny, Justin, me, Doug and Anna. Nathan and Marc can be seen behind.

This is everyone lined up for the water balloon toss… too many to name.

Nathan came up with another game with water balloons modeled on a Survivor challenge. One team had to throw water balloons to each other while another team had sticks and tried to hit them or block them. First team with 3 points won. Nathan and I did pretty good in the middle. I am not sure what I was doing here but it looks like I am about to clock Nathan with the pole.

One of the last games I have a picture of is where you spin around with your head on a pole 10 times and then try to race to the finish line. Here is Danny, Nathan and I getting ready to spin…

We also had 3 legged races, egg toss, egg in a spoon race, and tug-a-war. While the adults played, the kids relaxed in the hammocks while Josh decided to stick by Scotty, one of Nathan’s Jeep buddies that was the cook for the weekend. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the gift cards. Since Jerry won almost every event he went home with the most gift cards. Nathan and I got one card for Carrabbas so we are going out on a date on Monday night. :)

Of course, since it is the nature of the company, not everyone stayed disconnected for the weekend. This is Nathan’s partner Blake (on right) and Huey taking a computer break…

Unfortunately it rained on Friday night and most of Saturday but we still had a lot of fun and it was great having Scotty there to cook. Nathan’s dad drove over both days to help cook as well so Nathan was able to actually spend time with everyone instead of cooking the whole time like the last trip. The company has decided that they are going to have two camping trips a year because everyone has enjoyed the last two so much.

On the road…..

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I was sick yesterday so I will use that as my excuse. I forgot to add that after we went to the caverns yesterday we drove to one of Nathan’s customers, Salsa Express. The company is situated on a 300 acre ranch that had an abundance of wild life that was varied. We saw deer and some kind of African antelope. It was very interesting. The kids were given a tour and they got to pick eggs out of the chicken nests. They also were able to pet a chicken. The kids had a lot of fun and Samantha was overjoyed by the experience.

Today has been spent on the road. We left the Walmart at Fort Stockton about 10:00 and stopped in El Paso to get the dogs groomed. I had to take a picture of Punch. Usually they put bandannas around their necks but apparently they felt Punch was a bit more froo-froo.

During our driving today the kids were getting a bit silly. Samantha put all of her doll’s knitted caps on Josh and he was just too funny.

The last picture I took today was of Mexico. We are on I-10 and there is a section close to El Paso where you can literally see the Mexico border. We have seen a lot of Border Patrol cars today.

I believe Nathan said that tomorrow we will be going to a ghost town on our way to Tombstone.

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